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My Approach

Photo by Rick Chapman
/ Tamalpa Institute

Somatic Expressive Arts is an integrated depth psychological approach that combines body and art-oriented therapies for healing and transformation.

From a depth psychology perspective, I understand the body as a powerful means that allows us to make contact with the deeper layers of self. Through dream work, authentic movement, myths and art, I help clients to become more aware and to integrate the richness that lives in their unconscious– allowing for a new world of possibilities to open up.

In working somatically, I address not only the physical dimension, but also the sensing, cognitive, and emotional body; as clients grow their capacity to experience the body more deeply, new connections and possibilities are discovered. Using bottom-up interventions, such as focusing, breathing, and movement techniques, I guide my clients to identify feelings and sensations & provide specific skills to identify and transform unhealthy patterns in the body.

Expressive arts therapy offers an effective therapeutic model that not only recognizes the body in its full dimension, but also facilitates connection to preverbal and symbolic aspects of self. Through the use of different art modalities (intermodal arts) I guide my clients to connect and give voice to their experiences through shape, color, texture, sound, poetry, drama, story-telling, and movement; so that full body expression can come into being.

Central to my practice is The Tamalpa Life/Art Process (TLAP), a groundbreaking body of work that integrates somatic awareness and an intermodal arts approach. Through the TLAP, I support the development of creative resources, artful communication, and embodied presence. I provide a creative and safe space for clients to explore personal and interpersonal themes & generate new resources to bring into their lives.

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